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  • Counseling for Depression

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    Have you been feeling down lately?

    Are you noticing that you have less energy to face your daily activities?

    Depression can come in various forms and, each one impacts the person in a different way. Depression can negatively impact the way that you eat, can cause feelings of hopelessness, you may even notice that you are more irritable than usual.

    As licensed clinicians, we can help with evaluations and assist with providing you with strategies to best manage the symptoms and discover ways to overcome those emotions. We’d recommend speaking with our office if you’ve experienced any of the following issues:

    •     Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt 
    •     Decreased ability to focus or concentrate
    •     Near daily loss of energy to do things
    •     Loss of pleasure in doing things once experienced as pleasurable
    •     Experience sadness or emptiness most of the day

    Depression does not mean that you are hopeless, it most likely means that something has happened in the past that you have not dealt with. This is where working with a therapist can be beneficial. We can explore those moments and help you get to a point where the pain of the past is not impacting your present in a significant way.

    Please contact us today to schedule an appointment to find out how we might be able to help you.