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    Everyone (yes even You) has an internal power that, once tapped, offers the ability to navigate many of the most difficult events that life can bring. Often what happens in life is that when you face some distressing life event, you make adjustments in response to the event. Sometimes these adjustments move you in a “positive” direction (an example of this would be you cutting back on eating red meat because you learned that it is difficult for you to digest it), other times the adjustments move you in a “negative” direction (an example of this would be causing yourself to vomit after consuming red meat because you know it is difficult for you to digest it). In both scenarios, you are responding to the event of not being able to digest red meat, it is just that one adjustment is likely to lead to a maladaptive behavioral shift. This is where awareness of the creative adjustment being made to the event (red meat) is important because quite often the adjustment is made without your being aware of what you are doing and how you are doing what you are doing. This is where your work with Dr. Brandon Shurn will start.

    Dr. Brandon Shurn is the owner and operator of EmPower Me Holistic Counseling. He is passionate about helping people reach their goals by tapping into their internal power. He believes everyone can overcome the challenges they encounter in life; it is just a matter of being EmPowered to do so. The path to this sense of empowerment will be different for each person, and so each session is custom-fitted to you as a person. While anxiety, depression, trauma, and stressors create emotional experiences, how these emotions are experienced will vary. Your interactions with him will be unique, but the ultimate goal will remain the same, he wants you EmPowered. To achieve this, he focuses on the here and now, creativity, insight, and a willingness to be present with you to provide the assistance necessary to become self-supporting. 

    He works with individuals above the age of 18 and currently only offers services via telehealth. He does offer parental coaching for a variety of child and adolescent-related problems. Click on the services link below to get more information on the services he provides.

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    Part of being able to open up in the counseling session is the understanding that what is said in the session, stays in the session. I respect your right to privacy and adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality. Should there be a need to breach confidentiality, we will have a discussion about it beforehand.


    Being creative means integrating various thoughts and behaviors to help you develop your ability to address your life situations. Using creativity helps to develop many potential approaches to life stressors.


    I infuse compassion into every session. To me, this means showing up at my best every time we meet for a session. You will be able to experience my compassion for your growth throughout our work together.


    Acceptance is vitally important in our work. I am committed to accepting you as an individual and helping you become who you want to be in life.

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